Cyber Insurance

First Party Insuring

Incident Response:                            

Business Interruption:                     

Data & System Recovery:                 

Cyber Extortion:

Third Party Insuring

Privacy & Network Security


Consumer Redress Fund:              

Payment Card Loss:                          

Regulatory Fines:                             

Media Liability:

Policy Extensions

Emergency Incident Response:  

Betterment Costs:                            

Cyber Crime:                                      

Reward Expenses:                            

Telecommunication Fraud:          


Last updated May 22, 2020

McCormick Harris Insurance Brokers is the Registered Trading Name of McCormick Harris & Associates Pty Ltd who are registered General Insurance Brokers with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. (ASIC), and are also members of the National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA) and the Insurance Brokers Network of Australia (IBNA).