Insurance Solutions

Every client, whether a large business, small business or individual has their own individual and specific exposures and insurance requirements.

The main focus at McCormick Harris Insurance is to listen, assess, discuss and recommend a tailored solution for all your insurance needs.

This solution comes from years of experience, knowledge and education that allows specific products to be selected from our vast range of quality Australian and Lloyd’s of London Insurers.

The solution is then implemented and monitored regularly to ensure it remains relevant to the client’s needs at all times.  This also includes payment and premium funding options, claims advice and management, along with the provision of documents as required.

This process is supported by ongoing advice and service that cannot be achieved by ‘off the shelf’ insurance policies or suppliers.  One policy cannot and does not suit every client and their differing insurance requirements.

Tony knows his clients, he’s aware of what’s happening and he has the client’s best interests in the forefront. McCormick Harris provide very high customer service – I can’t recommend them more highly.

- Terry Minton - E+ Architecture