Why use McCormick Harris Insurance?

McCormick Harris Insurance is a full service Insurance Broker that works with over 100 different Insurance providers both in Australia, Singapore and London to provide individual insurance solutions to clients that no one single insurer can provide.

More importantly, McCormick Harris Insurance assess your needs and exposures and provide you with the proper and most professional advice you need to consider when buying insurance products to protect you from financial ruin. 

Many exposures you may never have seen, heard or been aware of. 

Generally, due to the nature of our client’s exposures, we build a bundled package of policies and covers from several different Insurers, to provide your business with a complete Insurance Program for you, not what the online insurers want to give you.

Then, we have the ongoing support. Regular Reviews, Renewal Management, changes to your needs during the year, Monthly Payment options and most importantly, Claims Advice, Support and Management.

Many businesses take appropriate advice on accounting, legal and other critical management aspects to their business, but expose them, their families and financial position by not taking the right advice, recommendation and/or guidance from McCormick Harris Insurance.

Insurance isn’t like buying a fridge, toaster or clothes, it’s a contract. Unless it is in the contract, the claim will not be met.

Online and telephone insurers provide you no advice, they just sell the product they have without any consideration as to whether there are better alternatives.

No one insurer provides the complete insurance solution to all your exposures and business risks. McCormick Harris Insurance is who you need to be talking to.

We have all of our business and companies insured with McCormick Harris, and are very happy with the service they provide.

- Paul DeAraugo - Bendigo Toyota